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“Your job may be, you look at a new born baby. See how his eyes are trying to turn around. We always want to explore the unknown. We are attracted to something new. It is important for us as humans.
I have never been one of those enthusiastic people. But from a young age, I used to see pictures of great adventurers. I wanted to set the flag somewhere unobstructed. The three of us were wearing weird clothes during the lunar expedition. We looked like fairytale wizards. We had a magic display device in our bag. “


# The North Face: The Explorer

– About Buzz Aldrin:

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Dr. Edwin Eugene Aldrin, jr. He was born in the Glen Ridge area of ​​New Jersey, United States. Retired colonel, pilot and navigator of the US Air Force. At the age of 5, he participated in the Apollo 3 lunar expedition. His mission commander, Neil Armstrong, landed on the lunar surface on July 27, as the second human.
Aldrin was a pilot in the Korea-US war for the US Air Force during his career. Fifty times he fought on a warship. Destroyed two MiG-3 warships. His camera contained a photograph of a Russian pilot taking off from a damaged plane. He is also known as Edwin Aldrin.


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