Riderspan is a storytelling or storytelling website. We want to highlight the story of the bicycle-loving people of Bangladesh. We want everyone to hear about their love, affection, emotions, needs and rights with the bike. The bike is the favorite vehicle of the day. The bike is now the name of a movement that has become popular due to various reasons and opportunities. A great medium.

Many are going out nowadays with the unwavering desire to see the country on a bicycle. Two-wheelers are traveling through different routes at home and abroad. A tribute to those travelers who are the first steprs of the journey on this bike. Those who taught us, how to dare! How to go pedal way ..!

Each ride has a different story. No different unknown destinations … There are thousands of memorable moments .. The story of the traumatic experience .. A rider’s camera is trapped inside a photograph of a particular passenger .. Knowing this journey is extremely difficult .. I know, this path is not easy … Yet I know, life lives here…. We do not have to survive in this brick-and-stone citizen’s life. There is only life going on…. We want a free life, a life of great pursuit.

There are many different wills and interests of this beloved vehicle. There are different stories, experiences. We want to hear those stories .. Want to hear from everyone ..

We are waiting .. Looking forward to the numerous travelers who will tell us the story of the bike journey. Those who will change the song ..

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